How to know your pool is functioning OK?

Can anyone provide a simple checklist you can do to know that your pool is working as it should and will mint blocks OK if selected. I ask this because until you actually get the chance to mint a block how can you really know? I have everything looking like it is working with my Relay node steadily counting up transactions with 24 peers and communicating with my Block Producing node OK I believe - thanks in advance.

You can’t really know, I had/have the same problem.
You can check your KES numbers in ERG or by grepping them.

If you did everything correctly it will be all right :slight_smile:

I think its not a good thing that there is no way to check if your node and files are alright.
And I think the node should not be able to run if the files are not adjusted to each other.

Thanks - yes that is what I thought - I guess it is a wait and see. Maybe I mint a block in the next 12 months and I will know :slight_smile:

I had the same doubt as you, the way of solving it was to create a pool on the testnet w/ the same configuration and see.

My testnet pool is definitely minting blocks. so I have faith my mainnet one is well configured too.

Good luck hermano

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Thanks - good to know