CIP-1694 in a Nutshell

I made a detailed diagram ‘‘CIP-1694 in a Nutshell’’ updated from 2023-03-15 commit. I assembled it always with the aim of making it as simple as possible for everyone to understand. The document is sharable by anyone and I encourage you to use it in your tutorials/website/blog/etc and to minimize the misinformation surrounding this CIP. I did not chill my pool in this document in the hope that it can be used by everyone without restriction. I hope that you will like it. I took a few days off to draw it.
CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-15 Update).pdf (489.8 KB)


thanks @Hornan - I can see this is an updated one of the infographic that was so well received on Twitter & that CH himself asked if you would update for the recent proposal changes. I think it’s a great service to the community and to the progression of this proposal (and the governance issue in general) that you are doing this. :innocent:


Thank you for doing this


Yes exactly.This one is up to date and corresponds to the last modification of Jared’s last commit dated 2023-03-15. I had several good comments and I will make the necessary changes and repost on the next commit. That being said, these updates will always be available in PDF format at:


Thank you for putting this together :+1:


(CIP-1694 in a Nutshell) update.
Thanks to the suggestions of @Quantumplation :muscle::grimacing:

  • added Constitutional term limit explanation
  • added The Cardano Constitution initial
  • replaced (URL to the metadata metadata hash) by
    ‘anchor’ and added its definition

CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-17 Update).pdf (505.1 KB)

The updated PDF document is available at: Voltaire | Able-pool


Thanks for putting this together. Sometimes life gets busy and it’s been hard to make time to follow this CIP. These things help.

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Good one, thanks for putting this together.

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Great job! Very clear to parse, make a complex topic much more accessible.

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Thank you for your good comments. It is heartwarming. I update the document (diagram) very regularly. So if you want to be sure to have the latest version, go through the URL link. I updated it again as of today and it is available at:

Today’s Update include :

  • Added additional information on term limit rules about motion of no-confidence.
  • Added clarification on governance action info.
  • Corrections to descriptive text related to Protocol Parameter Groups
  • Simplified the ‘Votes’ section and the ‘Governance State examples’ section

Hi Hornan, Thank for the diagram. Do you know how the

  1. Constitutional committee and,
  2. The group of delegate representatives (henceforth called DReps)
    will be established?
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The initial committee is not yet defined

The constitutional committee can be replaced in one of two ways:

  • When in a normal state (i.e. a state of confidence), the committee can be replaced via a
    specific governance action (“New constitional committee”, described below) that requires the approval of both the current constitutional committee and the DReps.

  • When in a state of no-confidence, the committee can also be replaced via the same governance action (action 2 below),
    but this instead requires the approval of both the SPOs and the DReps.

About Dreps:
1- Any ada holders can become a Drep and represent himself/herself and get delegated voting power from other ada holders using a “Drep registration certificate” onchain.
2- delegaters can then delegate to them using a “Drep delegation certificates” which contain their stake credential and the Drep ID. ( they can also delegate to predefined Drep (abstain) or (no-confidence) which is explained in the diagram.

During the “Bootstrap period” (the period when the first few Dreps will establish their voting power), most of the decision making will be done by the committee and the SPOs. (Bootstrap time period) to be determined and information about it might have already changed. But i’ll follow it closely and try to keep the diagram simple and updated.
CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-23 Update).pdf (516.7 KB)

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Thanks for the detailed answer Hornan. Really appreciate your effort.

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It’s a pleasure. I don’t always respond very quickly. But I always answer.

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Hi everyone. I’ll leave another update of CIP-1694 in a Nutshell from 2023-03-28 commit (Fractional CC, inactive DReps and voting with deposits)

CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-28 Update).pdf (529.3 KB)


gracias! Muy bueno!

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