CIP-1694 in a Nutshell

I made a detailed diagram ‘‘CIP-1694 in a Nutshell’’ updated from 2023-03-15 commit. I assembled it always with the aim of making it as simple as possible for everyone to understand. The document is sharable by anyone and I encourage you to use it in your tutorials/website/blog/etc and to minimize the misinformation surrounding this CIP. I did not chill my pool in this document in the hope that it can be used by everyone without restriction. I hope that you will like it. I took a few days off to draw it.
CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-15 Update).pdf (489.8 KB)


thanks @Hornan - I can see this is an updated one of the infographic that was so well received on Twitter & that CH himself asked if you would update for the recent proposal changes. I think it’s a great service to the community and to the progression of this proposal (and the governance issue in general) that you are doing this. :innocent:


Thank you for doing this


Yes exactly.This one is up to date and corresponds to the last modification of Jared’s last commit dated 2023-03-15. I had several good comments and I will make the necessary changes and repost on the next commit. That being said, these updates will always be available in PDF format at:


Thank you for putting this together :+1:


(CIP-1694 in a Nutshell) update.
Thanks to the suggestions of @Quantumplation :muscle::grimacing:

  • added Constitutional term limit explanation
  • added The Cardano Constitution initial
  • replaced (URL to the metadata metadata hash) by
    ‘anchor’ and added its definition

CIP-1694 in a Nutshell (2023-03-17 Update).pdf (505.1 KB)

The updated PDF document is available at: Voltaire | Able-pool


Thanks for putting this together. Sometimes life gets busy and it’s been hard to make time to follow this CIP. These things help.

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Good one, thanks for putting this together.

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Great job! Very clear to parse, make a complex topic much more accessible.

Thank you for your good comments. It is heartwarming. I update the document (diagram) very regularly. So if you want to be sure to have the latest version, go through the URL link. I updated it again as of today and it is available at:

Today’s Update include :

  • Added additional information on term limit rules about motion of no-confidence.
  • Added clarification on governance action info.
  • Corrections to descriptive text related to Protocol Parameter Groups
  • Simplified the ‘Votes’ section and the ‘Governance State examples’ section