CIP 1694 - My contributions and experiences

My tour of the workshops on CIP 1694 was truly remarkable. After attending the workshop in Buenos Aires, I had the honor of hosting a workshop in my hometown, La Plata, with influential figures from the ecosystem. The five hours of enriching discussions culminated in putting our progress and ideas into the MIRO application.

Thanks to the LATAM Cardano community team’s hard work, we organized a final workshop in the region, bringing together participants from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico. During this meeting, we collaboratively produced a comprehensive document with our conclusions.

As the journey continued, I was invited by the IOG team to participate in the final workshop in Scotland—an awe-inspiring event where I had the opportunity to connect with numerous community members.

Being part of the construction and development of the new Voltaire era of Cardano has been an exciting and fulfilling experience. Without a doubt, my journey through the CIP has been incredible