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**LATAM CIP 1694 WORKSHOPS: 13 CIP Workshops! **

The LATAM CIP 1694 initiative has been a remarkable journey, with 13 workshops successfully organized in various cities across Latin America. This community-driven effort aims to promote the understanding and implementation of the CIP 1694, the open governance document in Cardano.

Let’s take a moment to see though some of the workshops held so far and recognize the incredible local organizers behind each event.

Workshops and their organizers (Twitter handle)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Organizers: Lucas Macchiavelli (LucasMacchia2) and Alex Pestchanker (alexchain79)

Alex Pestchanker: "We are leaving in a unique and very interesting times, full of changes and noise, but also full of opportunities to make a better world for all. For the LATAM Cardano Community the CIP1694 Workshops are the natural continuation of our efforts to bring the Cardano opportunity to LATAM and to bring LATAM talent, passion and readiness to Cardano.

So when voltaire was announced we have focus on seeking to lower the barriers for an active Latin American participation, so we created our own workshops initiative to facilitate debates and feedback from the region. Having the support from IOG, CF and Emurgo, to deliver some of them is amazing and deeply helps us to set the agenda in LATAM, while fostering education and inclusion from many places around the region.

The Buenos Aires CIP1694 workshop was the first one in the region and certainly surpassed our expectations, from the level of participation and insights to the commitment from the participants to achieve something of impact, taking the task seriously. Among the participants there were well known people that are actively participating in the Community and new ones that were called by the unique value proposition of participating in such an endeavor as creating a Minimum Viable Government that can enable millions of people to participate in governance in a decentralized, inclusive and horizontal way.

For us was a genuine privilege to be able to organize and make such an event possible, and are very enthusiastic about the results and contributions for the next set of conversations globally.“”

Below a recap of the event:
Spanish Subs: LATAM CIP 1694 Workshops: Buenos Aires - YouTube
English Subs: LATAM CIP 1694 Workshops: Buenos Aires (English Subs) - YouTube

Caracas, Venezuela

Organizers: Jean Carlos aguilar (jeancaguilar1) and Jose E. Colmenares (erasmocol)


Ciudad de México, México:

Organizer: Donovan Riaño (Donovan_amx)

Tlaxcala, México:

Organizer: Cristian Rojas (CrisRo0787)


Cristian Rojas: "This workshop has reminded us of the power and potential of the Cardano community. We have seen how the synergy between the Polytechnic University of Tlaxcala, the talented students, the members of Cardano Latam and the invaluable support of the Cardano Foundation has resulted in an inspiring event.

Every question, every answer and every debate has been a stepping stone on our path to more transparent, inclusive and effective governance. We have opened doors to new possibilities. But above all, we have cultivated a community united by passion and commitment to building a better future for Cardano."

Bogotá, Colombia:

Organizers: Juanita Jaramillo (JuanitaJaramill), Jaime Posadas (LATINSoporte), Jose Miguel de Gamboa (Bitcows), Daniel Vancast (danielvancast) and Sebastian Pabon (SebastianPabonB)


Jose Miguel de Gamboa: "Participating in the workshop in Bogotá was a rewarding and enlightening experience for me.

I had the opportunity to learn from and exchange views with other members of the LATAM community who are passionate and knowledgeable about the decentralized governance of Cardano. We delved into the details of CIP-1694, which lays out the foundations for the first on-chain governance model for Cardano. I was impressed by the diversity and quality of the opinions and suggestions that emerged from the discussions, and I enjoyed sharing our ideas with other workshops happening simultaneously in other LATAM cities.

I think this kind of events are crucial to empower the community and advance the development of Cardano. I would also like to thank CESA university for their support and for fostering the local industry adoption of blockchain technology"

La Cumbre - Rosario, Argentina:

Organizers: Ulises Barreiro (UlisesBarreiro1) and Daniel Rodriguez (DanielRodr40540)

Daniel Rodriguez: "The workshop on Cardano’s CIP-1694 in Rosario was an enriching and enlightening experience.

Throughout the event, various topics related to governance were addressed, fostering an open dialogue among participants. Attendees presented innovative ideas on how to improve the Cardano ecosystem and engaged in debates about the preference for regulation, the necessity of anonymity in voting, and more.

Additionally, discussions revolved around determining the optimal amount of ADA required for effective voting in community proposals and fostering inclusivity. This workshop demonstrated the commitment of the Latin American community to Cardano and their enthusiasm for participating in the construction of a decentralized and transparent future."

Río Cuarto, Argentina:

Organizer: Kelochain (kelochain)

Sadly they didnt take pictures in the event ;(

Santiago, Chile

Puerto Madryn, Argentina:

Organizer: Diego Torres (Diego_Torres_)

Manizales, Colombia:

Organizer: Sebastian Pabon (SebastianPabonB) & Juanita Jaramillo (JuanitaJaramill)

Sebastian Pabon: "The Cardano Latam CIP 1694 workshop in the city of Manizales, Colombia, had the opportunity to welcome not only the emerging Cardano community in Manizales but also Latin Americans from around the world who, for one reason or another, had not had the opportunity for their voice to be heard due to geographical constraints.

It could be said that with this event, the Latam Cardano community demonstrated once again its spirit of inclusion and participation beyond borders.

Although the presence of relevant organizations in the Cardano ecosystem at the workshop was not unnoticed, the leadership of the LATAM Cardano community was outstanding."

La Plata, Argentina:

“t was an event that was budgeted to be virtual, but thanks to a joint effort we were able to hold it in person and discuss in depth the changes or improvements that we would introduce in the CIP 1694.
It was an honor to organize this event!”

Sao Pablo, Brazil

The brazilian community got together for an amazing workshop on CIP 1694!

PAN-AMERICA CIP 1694 Workshop!!!

IN AN HISTORICAL EVENT! The LATAM Community got together for a final CIP Workshop in Punta Del Este, Uruguay! With 11 Workshop organizers from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela!! All information was compiled from each of the workshops and finalized in a final document which will be uploaded to CIP 1694!

As the LATAM Cardano Community continues to grow, these workshops have played a vital role in strengthening the network, connecting enthusiasts, and building a vibrant ecosystem in Latin America.
Together, we are shaping the future of Cardano and open governance.

Stay tuned for more updates on future workshops and events in


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