CIP 1694 - LATAM insights! :blue_heart:

Several workshops were held in Latin America to discuss improvements or changes to CIP 1694. The conclusions of each of these particular workshops are available in the #MIRO app. However, our community decided to go further, and the organizers of each workshop met in Uruguay to elaborate a final document, unifying, discussing and working on the ideas from the local workshops.

The final document is published now on cf-github

:cardano: CIP-1694? | A First Step Towards On-Chain Decentralized Governance by JaredCorduan · Pull Request #380 · cardano-foundation/CIPs · GitHub


  • 11 workshops + 6 Countries + 100 hours of work Read the document and give us your opinion, you can disagree, but be respectful of the work of others. Thanks to IOG, CF & LATAM Cardano Community for such a spectacular organization.