CIP1694 Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

Last week, Cardano Media Taiwan hosted CIP1694 workshop for the Taiwanese community. More than 30 people registered for the event. Different from the previous meetups, there are way more topics to be discussed in the event. This is also the most interactive meetup we’ve ever hosted so far.

People were separated into groups to have deep discussions. They had enough time to think about great ideas for each topic. During the discussions, we also gave our thoughts based on Cardano developers for the community.

We described CIP1694 & Voltaire as Taiwanese government agencies, which made people easier to imagine the concept. The outputs are incredible!


Thanks for hosting such an important workshop @willhuang0606

Looks like it was a huge success! :star_struck:


Wonderful update @willhuang0606

Thank you for hosting the event :+1:t5:

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