Claim rewards

Hell. this week i will claim rewards firstly. I have never done it.


$rewardBalance should be replaced to amount in lovelace???

no, it should echo (show) your available balance


And the balance shown will be in lovelaces

echo 1,000,000,000: $rewardBalance

when I claim 1,000 ADA ?

Wow, no that’s not at all how that works.

The rewardBalance=… line queries cardano-cli for your rewards and automatically fills the variable. You do not have to look yourself how much rewards are available.

The echo rewardBalance: $rewardBalance line is only to control what you have done. echo just prints out things. In this case the literal string "rewardBalance: " (so you know what it is) and then the contenty of the variable $rewardBalance.

If you would set that variable yourself (which as said you don’t have to), you would use the value without the thousands separators, though.

for example, in stake address… there is 5000 ADA (pledge 500ADA)
after i claim rewards, 4500 ADA is sent to my address??

Only if the current amount of staking rewards is 4500 ADA. You can’t choose how much ADA you claim, you have to claim all that’s available.

you mean I can not choose how much ADA I want to claim??

45,530 ADA except for 500 ADA (pledge) will be sent to me?

No, that is the complete amount on that stake’s addresses. You only claim rewards. And it won’t change your balance at all. Because that already includes rewards. It just moves them from the rewards account to a UTxO where it can be spent.

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