Claim stakepool rewards

I want to withdraw my staking rewards in Yoroi. I have linked my Yorio account to a Ledger Nano X. However, when I want to withdraw on the rewards, I get an error message. The strange thing is that before the step confirm on my Nano X I get a screen with “Reward account” that is not shown as step in Yoroi. It is also not possible to opt out of the stake pool when I withdraw my rewards. In addition, I cannot choose another stakepool in the delegation list.
Can someone help me with what I’m doing wrong?

should not be any problems with yoroi anymore… so try to restore again the ledger on yoroi (use chrome browser), if this will not work you can try to restore the ledger on

I have a family member who has been having the same issue, however after restoring on the ledger & also using chrome browser he was good to go. Sorry, nothing more than you were just told, but just some extra reassurance it will work. Good luck.