Yoroi - Reward withdrawn - Failed

I tried to withdraw my staking rewards (184.493383 ADA) from the Yoroi Wallet (in a browser) to Ledger but it failed and I never got the rewards:

Can you please suggest what to do?


Try to resync the wallet under settings → wallet → resync

if this doesnt work, i recommand to use Typhon and add a new wallet and connect your Ledger.

There you can also use the withdraw function.

Keep in mind that you dont really have to withdraw your rewards if you wanna spend your tokens.

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Thanks! Resynch didn’t change anything… I also checked the Stake Key details and I see the transaction (and a newer one from today, which also didn’t get to my Ledger):

Could also this be a reason?

Could you please post a receiving address of yours? That way we can check what happened on a block explorer ourselfs.

If you see it on Cardanoscan, it did get through and it is just Yoroi that for some reason does not synchronise. You can just pair your Ledger with any other wallet app to see and manage that wallet.

Also: The rewards are neither withdrawn “from Yoroi” – Yoroi is just a frontend to manage your wallet, you can manage the same stake pool delegation from any other wallet app, and the rewards are distributed by the Cardano protocol itself – not are they really withdrawn “to” your Ledger. The Ledger just manages the private keys – for the delegation/stake as well as for the payment operations, but the actual transactions are done on the blockchain. The Ledger is “just” needed to sign them.