Claiming Stake Pool errors

I have using Coincashew Guide to claim stake pool rewards for the years but this week I was getting this error below and I don’t know if it is related to Vasil node upgrade.

cardano-cli transaction view --tx-body-file tx.signed
Command failed: transaction view Error: Failed to decode neither the cli’s serialisation format nor the ledger’s CDDL serialisation format. TextEnvelope error: tx.signed: TextEnvelope type error: Expected one of: TxUnsignedByron, TxUnsignedShelley, TxBodyAllegra, TxBodyMary, TxBodyAlonzo, TxBodyBabbage Actual: Tx AlonzoEra
TextEnvelopeCddl error: tx.signed: TextEnvelopeCddl type error: Expected one of: Witnessed Tx Byron, Witnessed Tx Shelley, Witnessed Tx AllegraEra, Witnessed Tx MaryEra, Witnessed Tx AlonzoEra, Witnessed Tx BabbageEra, Unwitnessed Tx Byron, Unwitnessed Tx Shelley, Unwitnessed Tx AllegraEra, Unwitnessed Tx MaryEra, Unwitnessed Tx AlonzoEra, Unwitnessed Tx BabbageEra Actual: Tx AlonzoEra

I haven’t seen the step in the current guide to view the transaction. Claiming rewards is really just making a transaction.

Have you had a look at the most recent guide?