Error when submitting pool

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I’m doing something wrong when submitting my pool … The funds are there, but I corrected the math. Any incite to this error? Invalid hereafter is the actual slot number returned from cardano-cli query tip --mainnet.

I get the error when I run:

*cardano-cli transaction submit *
*–tx-file tx.signed *

Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (OutsideValidityIntervalUTxO (ValidityInterval {invalidBefore = SNothing, invalidHereafter = SJust (SlotNo 32121770)}) (SlotNo 32121966))),DelegsFailure (DelplFailure (DelegFailure (StakeKeyAlreadyRegisteredDELEG (KeyHashObj (KeyHash "678b50 …

Any thoughts?

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The node is 100% synced?

Also check this post


My BP is synched … This is gLiveView …

Appreciate help … Stuck, but still working on this …


Check the stake address on perhaps it is already registered

I see 2 potential issues.
Validity time-frame of your transaction. Submitted the tx too late?
Are you registering your staking key? It seems to had been already registered.

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Another question … After all is complete **which *.?key and .addr and .cert keys reside on the block producer?

When I’m done, I’m going to write yet another version of AWS specific pool configuration guide.

Thank you Alex and Tritan …

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After u will finish then u must bkp the wallet and pool files

to run as a producer u will need only 3 files the rest of them u will use when u will perform transactions or pool updates

Which 3 files?

Reminde r: The only stake pool keys and certs that are required to run a stake pool are those required by the block producer. Namely, the following three files.

On block producer node




All other keys must remain offline

This is good info …

Thank you

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