Command failed: transaction submit when trying to send TX


Im trying to build my own cardano Stake pool using the Coincashew guide, and im at the point where it says “Registering your stake pool”, and when trying to launch the

cardano-cli transaction submit \
    --tx-file tx.signed \

Im getting the following error:
Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraAlonzo (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (WrappedShelleyEraFailure (UtxoFailure (OutputTooSmallUTxO [(Addr Mainnet (KeyHashObj (KeyHash “0d13a1666ff1ea17a2052213eb370a3b218fc01942067ed3df3b53f7”)) (StakeRefBase (KeyHashObj (KeyHash “d5a152e8425ef701881e4f2b5b002657aff1a58ac45845758975a474”))),Value 614966 (fromList ),SNothing)])))])

Can anyone help me out please?

how much ADA do u have inside the wallet? Do u need at least 500 ADA for pool registration cost



You are right about the amount of ADA needed to register the pool. What is nott clear on the guide (which i think it should be added) is that you will need 500 + 2 + fee costs being a total of around 505 ADA(bit lower in reality).

My issue is resoved, thanks

Now that i got you here, how long does it take for the Ada stake pool to show up? i completed the guide, but the comand

cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id $(cat stakepoolid.txt) --mainnet

Is not returning anything, not even the prompt.

is the node fully synced?
can u share the glive output?

Everything is ok, it shows up now, although i will need to keep ongoing with all the topology stuf, feel free to take a look and share thoughts or possible issues:

check on by pool ID… can u find it?

yES! IT SHOWS UP! thanks a lot man.

One last question, if i were to change the margin %, is it alright just to amend the line:

–pool-margin 0.15 \

on the block producer node, or should i do the hole thing again on the air-grapped machine?

Check also for errors

For pool update

mmm weird… I rebooted the server, and now it is taking ages to “sync” when it is fully synced…

Normally it takes some time, but the use of CPU and MEM is high… mem is super low right now…

How about now, started? Can u share again the glive ? Normally it will take ~8-9 minutes but it can take longer

Literally i went to reset the server again just as you replied, but no, the server did not started after 17 minutes…

Rely node is just fine

Check on glive if MEM (RSS) is slowying increasing
also type journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node and check for errors

Not increasing, and no errors… but seems like it is on 72%??

But… the progress is increasing?

yes it is, slowly but it is

can u share glive again? If Mem RSS not increasing then apply the steps:

  1. cd db folder
  2. ls -l (here u should see more files and 3 folders)
  3. sudo systemctl stop cardano-node
  4. mv ledger ledger_bkp
    mv immutable immutable_bkp
    mv volatile volatile_bkp
  5. ls - l
  6. sudo systemctl start cardano-node
  7. after 10 -15 seconds type sudo systemctl stop cardano-node
  8. ls -l (now u should have the bkp files and also the new files)
  9. delete the new files (not the bkp-ed ones)
    rm -R ledger
    rm -R immutable
    rm -R volatile
  10. ls -l (now u should have the old files only)
  11. rename back the old files
    mv ledger_bkp ledger
    mv immutable_bkp immutable
    mv volatile_bkp volatile
  12. ls -l
  13. start the node and check glive
    sudo systemctl start cardano-node

let me apply steps

after the renaming folder steps it seems it is working, and starting to use the RAM and catching up…


Why did that happened? have i done something wrong?

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Nope, sometimes it happens (very seldom) and u will need to repeat the steps provided

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