CNCLI & gLiveView(coincashew guide)

I created my pool using the coincashew guide and i pretty much followed the exact steps as described except a few minor changes to names/ports etc.
I would like to ask if there is any chance to have gLiveView show me the block metrics like in the pic below and not with the simple EKG metrics

CNCLI is installed using the binary release in the guide. I tried everything with editing env and changing paths but no luck.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Do you have a screenshot about the EKG metrics?

It’s the typical EKG metrics but here you are

@Alexd1985 - are you using gliveView? do you know about this optional view?

I am using but with cntools and the infos are shown automated after I run CNCLI script

I think also the bellow lines from env file should be updated to fit the path (but I am not sure 100%). you can try.
make a copy of the env file before to apply the change.

#LOG_DIR="${CNODE_HOME}/logs" # Folder where your logs will be sent to (must pre-exist)
#DB_DIR="${CNODE_HOME}/db" # Folder to store the cardano-node blockchain db
to take before aborting (node metrics)

cntools with their prereqs solves the problem but i don’t want to install cntools that why i asked if there is another way.
I will try the from cntools because i believe it’s what i need along with the cncli

Yeah, u don’t need to install cntools just try to adapt the path from env… glive use infos/path from env file

Ok, I tested and look:

After I alterated in env the path for DB_DIR and BLOCKLIG_DIR lines (perhaps only the DB_DIR needs) :


modified back the correct path for above lines:


Try to adapt the path for DB_DIR and BLOCKLOG_DIR lines in env and uncomment the lines

Basically when CNCLI runs it will update the DB and as far as I know glive retrieves infos from DB

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I believe blocklog is the problem, i probably have to enable logging to mainnet-config.json
@Alexd1985 can you please share your config block logging part and your env?

This is my config.json file

but can be different because I am using CNTOOLS

and the env file is the default one but it’s using the the default paths:

#LOG_DIR="${CNODE_HOME}/logs" # Folder where your logs will be sent to (must pre-exist)
#DB_DIR="${CNODE_HOME}/db" # Folder to store the cardano-node blockchain db
to take before aborting (node metrics)

I tried everything but still can’t get it to work…
I will drop it for now and ask coincashew to maybe try it and add it to the guide.
Thanks @Alexd1985 and @laplasz for your time.

If anyone is concerned i managed to make it work.
I got and after a little tweaking to that file and env i run the one time commands(leaderlog force, validate all and init) so i had the blocklog.db file created with all the info that gliveview needs to provide all stats.

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mind walking me through how you did it. I’ve been trying to get this to work with the coincashew guide for a while now

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Sure, just give me a few hours because i am at work right now

Thanks! I appreciate it. Been trying for ages to get it to work

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Since you used the coincashew i will assume you have the same folders from the guide. For the extra stats gliveview needs the blocklog.db file created from cncli script of cntools. I have a scripts folder inside my node folder so i’ve put everything in there.

  1. go to $NODE_HOME/scripts and copy the env file from whatever folder you have it in there and also curl -s -o
  2. edit the original env file blocklog line BLOCKLOG_DIR="/home/yourusername/cardano-my-node/scripts" i assume you have the rest lines already correct.
  3. edit the file with your pool id, vrf.skey file location, cncli db directory location(i got mine at scripts) and path to your vrf.vkey(note here that because i don’t have this file at BP node for security reasons i pointed the location to a usb drive that i removed after i was done)
  4. assuming you are over move to run specific commands of to create and update blocklog.db file(you might need to install sqlite3 before that):
    bash init
    bash leaderlog force
    bash validate all
    After you are done you shall have a blocklog.db file in scripts folder that gliveview will find from your original env file and will reveal the extra info.

Goodluck :slightly_smiling_face: and let me know if you encounter any problems.


Thanks again. Will try it out tonight after work