Cncli leaderlog mismatch timing

i just want to make sure that i will not got reject minting block casue mismatch time
tonight I have checked ./gLiveview on my block node and it shown around 1d 16:44:57 until leader to get a block

then for make sure i double check by running cncli leaderlog force the result look correct at UTC0

but when i run cncli leaderog result timing is not match

the picture result its correct ? why leaderlog is mismatch
i already configure pool chorny sync already


U can delete the picture above with slot informations :slight_smile:
cncli use another time zone than ur server (but u can configure it if u will go inside the script)

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Anyway as the pictures will not be problem with minting block right?

Nope, glive shows u the remaining time till then

Be sure that the BP has IN/OUT peers, processing transactions, etc and u will be fine

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Thanks you so much alexd

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