Coin Distribution

How do you all feel about the coin distribution. There are 1.19% of addresses that hold 21,612,762,348 coins. Is this data accurate?

It makes me wonder about the future. Does that mean the price will be artificially held down as the original whales dump there coins as the demand rises? (XRP) Or does it mean there is very little supply (outside of HODLers) and will rise quickly when demand presents?

Also, does anyone have any detail on the Binance position? Why would they buy up 12% of the coins?

Hi @TonyAtRisk

This topic crops up on the forum from time to time. I would suggest having a read of A Solution to the ADA Whale Fears. That thread also has links to others threads worth reading. Iā€™m not sure that there was ever an agreement on the subject (a lot of debate), but they are worth a read anyway.

Regarding Binance, while they show as being a large holder of ADA, it is due to their customers purchasing on their exchange. So not technically their ADA.

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Thank you.