Suply coins?

Hey just a small question??
How did our leader came up with the suply of ada 45billion?? .
Is there a way to calulate this or just :thinking: take a random no and let it get approved by the board.
How other cryptos do this??.
I know c h doesnt like a coin burn but why??
It can help ada go north with price😁 of coins
Thanks hodlers👍

Because they want this coin to zero

it really doesn’t matter how many coins there are

if you are confused about how to value it compared to bitcoin then simply get the current price of ADA and x 1400 to get the bitcoin equivalent

hope this helps

I think this is one of the best answers you can get to this question:

Wow this explain a lott thanks, have seen this ama but started bit further in the video so thats why i missed out that part. Our leader is so good ,honest,humble i am 1000% discipel of his…
Hope asap whe are on top of eth and i can buy a big mac @ macdonalds with my ada😋

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