The price of other altcoins

Scrolling down my exchange,looking at the prices of coins l have never heard of with some obscure use it is almost incomprehesible how ADA can be so cheap in comparison.I will be gobsmacked if this doesn’t produce great returns for investors.


When this bubble pops those who picked the right projects will reap the rewards.

ADA needs to 28x just to get back to the all time high! Are you kidding me?!

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Yeah mate we could be following a dud

Omg this is so true! That’s why I trade and do not fall in love with a project. I’ll be a bit late when it moves but i should be able to have made up for that and more. Someone is going to win big but Ada is moving slow.

Yea gotta keep your fingers crossed on this one. It’s moving slow. And such a late pivot to lightning…what’s up with that? It’s strategic that’s for sure. Aiming for compatibility with #1 & #2. Hmmm…