WTF if crypto was zero it would still go down

I have exhausted my resources,l have spent the last few dollars of my son’s lunch money.l can’t buy anymore, and still it goes down.l have paid an average of 0.0603.$urely ADA is worth more than 0.056 AUD.Why are the altcoins tied to this fucking dinosaur bitcoin?

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This is the best advice I can give you:

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BTW if it makes you feel any better my average is around .08 and I’m sure it’s higher for quite a few folks. God willing we will both think we got a bargain a year from now.

Yes,very funny Fred.l have had a ban placed on me or anyone else accessing my ADA wallet until December 25 2020,just now.l am like a poker machine addict spending every nickel and dime on ADA.

Yes thanks for your input and support Fred

I know the feeling!

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Because there’s algorithmic trading. Also because there are a lot of stupid people in the space right now. Be happy that those people are buying at these prices.

$5.00 US by end of 2020. Minimum

$5 US by the end if 2020? It’s my shout Roy!

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