CoinCashew Mistake

Hi guys, does anyone know who owns the CoinCashew articles?

I accidentally sent my retirement funds to their address

Under this step I sent my funds to the address in the article:

The accidental TX from my side: Address addr1qxjtvm463f20swd8g0cldhe0wgnn5lunj4nayrpsclg86dv02ewj3tph9wkj9ky505alt4c8jcpvvgcmetd3g74l2u9salmhnq - Cardanoscan

I’m really upset its the only funds I have, I pasted mine but I got a transaction error, so I pasted the steps again but accidentally sent it to that address.

If anyone knows their details can you please let me know so I can contact them? hoping they will refund it in good will (Willing to give them 20-30ADA as payment) as I know they supply great article to the community.


Ada Charity Pool

They will, don’t panic… just contact them

:speech_balloon: 17 .3 Telegram and Discord Chat Channel

Hang out and chat with our telegram stake pool community at​

Discord community located @ coincashew's server :smiley:

Thanks, I’ve reached out. Fingers crosssed.

I’ve made contact via all socials, no response yet after 24h wondering the best channel to reach out to them or the likelihood of funds returned.

Hoping all can go smoothly :pray:

Successfully refunded, thanks CoinCashew team!