Coincashew Step 13 - Can't see my pool on pooltool

Do the files require paths? maybe?

I set up a second relay node in a different location just for testing… and I made it connect to my relay that we’re troubleshooting. So now I did see 2 “In” connections. 1 from the Producer node and 1 from this 2nd relay. So it doesn’t seem like network / firewall issue.

Now, I check the block# in my gLiveView and on the cardano block explorer and they’re in sync… generally the Cardano block explorer is a second behind. When I check the logs for topologyupdater I see this:

The server is 100% synced?

Yes. 100% Synced.

@Alexd1985 What should the networkMagic be?

[[ **"${NWMAGIC}"** = **"764824073"** ]] 

For mainnet…

Yes sir, for mainnet?

Should be for mainnet

Thank you for confirming. Then that’s not the issue. What is confusing to me is that on the 9th it did get “Nice to meet you” and “Welcome to the topology” nothing has changed since then, the nodes are synced. I see them with the latest epoch & block relative to the block explorer.

All the variables in the look right

No idea what else it could be…

Hmm, try to dowload again the files from here (for mainnet)

Perhaps u downloaded from some where else and are not updated

Tried it, no luck.

Any other guesses? I am totally out of guesses now :smiley:

Man, wanna try something funny?
Reinstall the OS, fresh install and let’s install cntools; what do u say?

All ur problems will be fixed

Or do u have teams?

lol… funny guy! I mean look I think it is worth trying to find out what is causing it, because there is no guarantee I won’t face this again and I’m sure others will too…

I do have teams. Let me see if I can privately message you.