Community Staking Pool



I will be running a community staking pool with no fees. I have lot’s of resilient infrastructure in multiple data centers and I don’t mind donating resources, time, and bandwidth. I am no good at making pretty websites though, and I don’t want to scare people off with my crap html :slight_smile: . If anyone from the community would be willing to help throw something quick together that would be amazing.



Free steak?!


yup. as in beer


Small update…
someone offered to help with the site, so yay.

I’ve got the infrastructure for the web site, relay nodes and staking nodes setup.


cool! this seems interesting, shall we create a group chat (e.g. Telegram) for people who are interest?


We got one!


Ok. So I’ve opted for a very simple site for now. Thanks to those who offered a helping hand. It was very much appreciated.