Competition to improve visibility of Stake Pools with a total of 1000 Ada in prizes

Entry is easy. Simply go to the web page, scroll down and leave your idea in the comment section at the bottom. There are 5 prizes of 200 Ada each, and each user ID can enter up to 5 ideas. You can leave anonymous ideas and still win.

I hope this is fun and will be a learning event for me. Let me know any feedback if you like. Here is the associated YouTube video if you want more information.

  1. My idea:
    Make an interactive table whit all staking pools then users will rank pools by “best rated” “earning per year” “total staking amount” etc…
  2. My address:

For many reasons i prefer to publish my idea here on the forum comments…

That is a pretty good idea there simobnr. Can you place your idea at the bottom of the page at this link?

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ok i will, thanks

Done My idea is posted on your wb site
Have a great day


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Wow!, lots of reply’s on your website Rick, very cool contest!
To see idea’s at work already and some very good idea’s on the table is awesome!

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Thank you very much! :grinning:

Yes, the ideas coming out on the thread are really an eye opener for me. The various perspectives are helping understand the visibility. I will compile a document when the contest is done.