Computer security. What programs do you use?

With all these threads about missing coins I feel like I should reconsider/upgrade my own security.
What programs do you use for the following:

Hard drive encryption?
VPN / Proxy ?
Antivirus / Anti-malware?

It’s not a “program” but more some fundamental approaches:

  1. keep whatever programs you use continuosly up to date
  2. remove programs you dont really use
  3. run as most as possible as normal user and not admin

Said this there is some software that helps you watching your installed programs, and if there are critical updates available (for example in case you use 7zip there is a critical bug that was just fixed. Without updating you’re vulnerable to prepared zip files you nay get by email or download somewhere from websites)
There is people NOT recommending AV software and naming it “snake oil” for example because it’s their engine who includes the ability to open and parse literally every file format => so they mean, only because of this engine a computer become vulnerable for many attacs.
Imho if a Security suite includes functionality like watching for updates (as I mentioned above) rhan this is already a big improvement.
Disc encryption mostly matters for mobile devices that can be “lost” or whenever there is a risk that unauthorized people could get physical access.

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Hard drive encryption? - VeraCrypt
VPN / Proxy ? - None. If: FritzBox or pfSense.
Firewall? - pfSense.
Antivirus / Anti-malware? - Avira Free. (A weak seat belt is better than none.)

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I only use Linux… Peer reviewed approach suits me well :wink: … To mitigate the network interception risk, I enforce secured protocols or use VPN…

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