Configuration files out of date

Where can I get new configuration files, the ones listed in are out of date. also when configuring my node, I get:
cardano-cli shelley node issue-op-cert
–kes-verification-key-file kes.vkey
–cold-signing-key-file cold.skey
–operational-certificate-issue-counter cold.counter
–kes-period 49
–out-file node.cert

$ cold.counter: cold.counter: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

I am not sure what directory cold.counter is stored in

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Dear auskatodd

cold.counter is generated along the process, when you generate your cold keys. Please beware to generate your cold keys on an OFFLINE machine, as they offer full access to your stake! Never store these keys on an ONLINE machine!

Here you can find a nice manual:

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