Confirmation and rejected transactions

How does rejection and confirmation works?

For example, let’s suppose 2 different nodes submit 2 different correct transaction at the same time.

Both nodes think they’ve submitted their transactions correctly, and if I query on them the UTXOs of the involved address.

One says I’ve got 10 ADA left, and the other node says I’ve got 15 ADA left.

With time, only one block’s transaction will get confirmed successfully right?

  1. Would the first one done be confirmed? Or the one with most confirmations? Or how does it exactly work?
  2. When will the correct UTXOs values show up on the node that failed to get it’s transaction confirmed?
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Yes. As as soon as the transaction gets included in a block, the next block producing node (assuming it receives the created block) will already have the transaction included, and thus - offloaded from mempool. In a remote case where the transaction ends up serving as multi leader slot (two block creators competing for same slot), the winning chain survives - typically (i.e in 99% of cases) chain length of 2 from the already elects a winning chain.

As soon as that node receives the block that includes your transaction