[Daedalus] How a signed transaction gets entered into a block?


My current understanding

When one uses a full-node wallet like Daedalus, the wallet owner signs their transactions with their secret keys and the signed transactions get submitted into the network.


  • Cardano seems to utilize mempool similar to bitcoin according to this reddit post. How do signed transactions get propagated through the cardano network until it reaches a slot leader stake pool where the transactions get minted into a blocks?

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This is basically the same as other cryptos.

When a tx is submitted to a local node, the local node broadcasts it to the network. The pool node scheduled to make the next block then adds it.

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Hi @erikd ,

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According to the official networking specification, “tx-submission” mini-protocol is a pull-based protocol where a node requests other nodes if there are any new transactions around.

This seems to be contradicting to your “broadcast” statement which is a push-based protocol.

From my understanding pending transactions are pulled and pulled until it reaches to a slot leader block producer where it gets added into a block.

However, I am having a hard time understanding how a transaction signed and submitted to my local node through Daedalus is able to propagate through the network even though my local node is behind a private subnet where there are no ways for other public relay nodes to reach me.

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Today I learned. In other cryptos, txs are indeed broadcast. Seems ADA chose a slightly different route to achieve the same effect. I do not work on the networking team, so its possibly not too surprising I did not know the exact details.

Glad you have the definative explanation now.

Hi @erikd ,

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Thanks for the kind response though!

Would you be able to guide me to any personnel who might have deeper insight into this question?

Go to the ouroborous-network github repo and email one of the highest contributors.