Am i recieving from multiple wallets? (From Binance to Daedalus wallet)

What is it i see here?
For fun i sent a very low amount of ADA (i sent 10 and received 9) from Binance to my Daedalus wallet

But why is it not from 1 wallet to my wallet (one to one transfer) on the transaction?
And why does it say 2 hour ago when i sent it a few minutes ago?

How is my transfer linked to all the other like these?

Exchanges batch withdrawals into large transactions to save on transaction fee. The transaction you linked includes other different users that have withdrawn recently

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Ok, but why do i see other users transactions on “my” transaction page?
Or is it because they are in the same “batch transaction” as my transaction?

Yes. It may help if you read more about the UTXO model here:

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Thank you for the good reply :+1: