Daedulus Wallet Transaction Query

Hi, I hope everyone is well. I’m new to the group. Sorry if this seems like a silly question: I ran a test transaction in my Daedulus Wallet last night and sent 1 ada to the same Daedulus Wallet (using a previously generated, unused wallet address). As expected, the transaction went through and my balance remained unchanged (apart from the small 0.17 Ada transaction fee). But the transaction appeared as much larger than one ada negative value under my transaction list. Someone else said that this is down to the UXTO model. Is this correct. Should a large random negative value appear under my recent transactions even though only one Ada was sent to the same Wallet from the same Wallet? Many thanks for your help in advance!

I haven’t seen this before. Do you have a screenshot?

Is it safe to upload a screenshot from the Cardano Blockchain Explorer of the transaction? What information do I need to conceal?

The cardano blockchain explorer is public. There is nothing you can show that is not already visible for everyone else. But I meant a screenshot of your Daedulus Wallet. As I understand there is a transaction that shows a large random negative number?

I don’t see a problem here. Do you think something’s wrong?

The balance is correct in my Daedulus Wallet but the -128.075 Ada value appears under the transaction list instead of +1 ada and -1 ada

Not entirely sure how it works exactly, but transactions are sent in a batch for better performance (I know Binance does this). That means the 128,074 ADA is someone else’s transaction and is not relevant to you. You will probably see the same thing with “another random number” if you test this again, there are cases when there more than 2 transactions in a batch.

Great. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. The balance in the Daedulus Wallet is the true indicator then and is always correct? Just one final question in relation to the Cardano Blockchain Explorer, I was advised not to post this screenshot to the Official Cardano support Page on Facebook by a member but I thought like you, that this is public anyway. Is there anyway anyone can tell what balance is in my Daedulus account from the above screenshot from the Blockchain Explorer?