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I am a Norwegian entrepreneur, currently living in Copenhagen. I have experience from different companies. I think there are more out there like me, who go with different business ideas that they want to explore when ada’s platform becomes available. I have no experience with coding, but I have good competence on how to build and run a company, and I have a burning passion when I start a project. I want to get in touch with people who have valuable skills at different levels. Perhaps students who want a side project. Coders, Programmers, Marketing, HR… etc. Suggests that those who are interested can write about themselves. what skills they have and what kind of projects they want to attend. I do not know if this will work, but I’ll give it a try. Nothing to lose!


Hi, I am planning to move to Copenhagen to attend university to start a degree in computer science.
I am 34 with 15 years experience in application development.

I am looking at Denmark because of the cost of university. My goal is to get a student job and in the meanwhile study.

It is an ambitious goal, but I get the motivation from the passion and the enthusiasm that the blockchain technology bring to people. With this technology I have finally found a way to make my passion potentially useful for the umanity. I know: is a good statement but that is what i feel.

Currently I am living and working in Malta as a senior software developer.
You can find me here!

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The whole IOHK team was in Malta this year. Too bad we didn’t meet.

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Hi Angelo.
Thats Interesting! We should have a meetup in Copenhagen if you end up studying here. Just some unformal brainstorming. Are you planning on starting next summer?

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Yes I know. Next time!

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Next summer or winter.

Anyway not immediatly.

Keep in touch here or write me directly at

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Good luck guys! Happy to see this kind of movements!


Good! Please let me know if you do Angelo.

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Thanks Ghost. I hope more people finds this interesting.


Hi, I am web developer with a big focus on UX. Depending on the project I may be in a position to help out. Have been to Copenhagen a couple of times so I know my way around.

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Hey all. I believe in Karma and happiness. I hope this platform is filled with same minded people who want to bring positive impact to our ecosystem.


Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. I would love to have a meetup with everybody that wants to be involved. That would be awesome. A casual meet and some brainstorming over a beer. Gonna be interesting to see how many reaches out in here, and what we can make of it next year! For now, merry christmas everybody.


Hi Bjoendalhelge,

I’m interested in being part of the project not just on an investor level. My full time ‘job’ is my PhD, which is in biogeochemistry so not all that relevant to blockchain. However, I’m also a domain investor, and I also run a e-commerce dropshipping store with my fiance, distributing vegan approved jewellery to the UK market from Portugal, which we’ve set up in the last few months, and are currently working on optimising the SEO and marketing for. I’d love it if I could eventually accept ADA payments on my domains and e-commerce store.

If anyone wants some advice in the domaining space I’d be happy to help.


P.S. I am UK based (North Wales), I’ve been looking out for conferences here, but I’m not sure how much I could follow!