Connect with SPOs: Your Ultimate Directory for Stake Pool Operators (SPOs)

Project introduction
Name: Connect with SPOs: Your Ultimate Directory of Stake Pool Operators (SPOs)
Description: Introducing SPO Yellow Pages, a revolutionary platform designed to bring the Cardano community closer than ever before. Think of it as the Yellow Pages for Cardano SPOs, but with a modern twist.
GitHub: GitHub - lucifer911/SPO_Contact_list: All the contact list of Cardano SPO

What Can SPO Yellow Pages Do for You?

  • Find SPOs with Ease: Search by pool name or ticker to find the exact SPO you’re looking for.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Our dynamic list refreshes with every page reload, ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips.
  • Incentivize Information Sharing: Pools with more information rank higher, encouraging SPOs to share and connect.

Are You an SPO? Here’s How You Can Shine!

SPO Yellow Pages is not just a directory; it’s a spotlight for your pool. By entering your social contact information on our GitHub page, you make it easier for delegators to find and connect with you. More information means more visibility, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out in the Cardano community.

Delegators, We Need Your Voice!

Encourage your SPOs to join SPO Yellow Pages. Your participation is key to building a platform that serves the entire community.

Join Us in Building a More Connected Cardano

SPO Yellow Pages is more than a webpage; it’s a movement towards a more transparent, accessible, and united Cardano community. By bridging the gap between SPOs and delegators, we’re fostering collaboration and growth within the Cardano ecosystem.

Detailed instructions on how to enter your information are just a click away on our GitHub page.

So, what are you waiting for? Join SPO Yellow Pages, and let’s take the Cardano community to new heights. Together, we’re not just connecting pools; we’re connecting people.


Amazing! We will register for sure! Tks for letting us know.

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Prophet (XPPX). Done! Thanks in advance!

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