Connecting to network issue again

Today i thought i would syncronize ada wallet.
So i started the wallet.Then ifound that i forgot to connect to the internet.So i conected to the internet and closed wallet.Then i restarted wallet
And now having this connecting to network issue again.
Does the wallet have problems if it is started offline?

I’d say that’s very possibly the cause in this case. I’d try restarting the computer at least once, also try restarting the program several times (if reqd.), but give it at least a few minutes trying to connect each time, longer if you have the patience. I believe some people have found that just leaving it like that for a while can fix it. But if none of that works you’ll need to work through the suggestions in the FAQ.

Also, update Daedalus if you haven’t recently.

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I have updated and from there the problems started the first time.
I will restore from seed cause that seems to be the only way for my level off knowledge.
And it worked last time (on another admin account).
I hope that will be sorted out on the next update.

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Good luck!