Connecting to network issue solved

This week i syncronized my wallet and it schowed all ada.But there was this update button and i hit it.After update it schowed conecting to network for ever.
As i tried to figure it out i found the solution in this forum.
I created another admin Account ,downloaded wallet ,now its syncronizing.
After that restore with seed.phrase.
I like ada hope it will be part of a great future.
This problems with wallets are the kind of things im a litle afraid off in cryptospace


After one day syncronizing and another day of wallet recovery all ada on its place.

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Today i started working cardano wallet but forgot to connect to the internet before.
When i noticed it i connected to internet.
Then i closed cardano wallet because i had the feeling its having problems with that.
Then i reopened the wallet.And now i am having this connecting to network issue again.
Does the wallet have a problem if it is started offline?
I realy dont want to create another admin acount and synchronize /restore.

I replied in the thread you started. Starting a new topic was correct, but IMO you should then have come back and deleted this post.

You may be right but i also see the relation to this topic.
Thank you for your reply.
I will restore from seed on another admin acount.
I realy try to believe in this project cause i kind off fell in love with it.
This wallet is not end user friendly.And im a litle

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Sorry, but to ask for help with one issue in two places is to risk wasted effort and potential confusion.

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You may be right again.
But in this topic it is more informational.
Like solved issue reapeared again.
Sorry if i wasted your time.