Conspiracy Theory [to bring down Bitcoin]

Folks, this is what I personally think (guess) happened in 2017, and I’d like to hear what others might think on this topic.

I guess we all know that cryptos is a massive threat to the Banksters who have been controlling the world for ages… so it stands to reason that they have a plan to “protect their interests” > I think it would be foolish to assume that they are just going to sit by and watch their control vanish.

I sat lurking thru from Jan. 2017 onward, and was astonished to see BTC’s price continuously rise, and in particular in Nov/Dec. where I just could NOT accept the reality of what I was seeing on the charts. BTC. users and transaction were not rising yet the prices were rising absurdly > I told myself: “this is not natural > this has to be a Bankster PUMP…” I felt that in the pit of my stomach.

Up to here I’d guess most of you would more or less agree >>> but here is here the ‘conspiracy theory’ comes in:

  1. DIVIDE AND RULE; I guess most of you are familiar with this age-old tactic used by the Few to control the Many. This is what the Banksters have succeed in doing with BTC, and this is how they did it…

In Early 2017 the Banksters noticed (to their dismay) a very Bullish rise in interest in BTC which was occurring organically. So they came up with a plan to Divide and Rule, and destroy Bitcoin.

They knew that if BTC’s popularity would continue to rise at natural/organic rates then BTC would find ways to scale and accommodate the influx… but they also knew that if BTC and the crypto system would experience a MASSIVE and SUDDEN influx it would cause it to shake in it’s foundations.

So what I believe happened was this:
The Banksters infiltrated BTC leadership with people who would be adamantly opposed to scaling solutions such as increased block size. These Bankster agents put up such a stone wall that out of shear frustration other key members of BTC leadership were left with no other option than to HARD FORK (this was the “divide” part of the plan > and it worked… it especially worked well when followed with a massive hate campaign against the likes of R.Ver which has currently divided BTC into 2 factions that absolutely and irredeemable HATE eachother) >>> divide & rule - classic case!

So now we are at Aug. 2017 just after the hard fork, this is when the first UNNATURAL BTC pump happened, up to $4000… the rest, we all know >>> up and up to $20000 > ridiculous. The Banksters pumped it all up to those absurd highs and of course the general public all FOMOed their way in - everyone was happy because everyone was making tons of money (on paper) and therefore we all forgave the extremely high BTC fees, stupidly long transaction times, brutally inconvenient headaches dealing with the exchanges etc etc etc… we didn’t care about that cuz the market was BOOMING beyond recognition!

The the result was:

  • get the general public focused on BTC
  • totally ruin BTC’s functionality by overloading it

…then all that was left to do was to CRASH the market which was easily accomplished by simply and suddenly PULLING OUT all the money they had suddenly injected into it to pump it. Boom in late Dec. BTC crashed and has obviously continued to crash since, and is likely to crash down much further in the following months. This Crash has effectively burned all those general public new-comers who will now perhaps never again trust crypto.

And what are we left with now?
We have a Bitcoin Cash which perhaps more closely resembles what the original BTC would have looked like had it not been infiltrated (???), and we have BTC CORE which is now considered totally useless except for as use as a 'store of value" (digital gold). And more importantly, what we have is an extremely hateful divide in the BTC community - a divide which will never be repaired or reconciled.

In my opinion this is what the Banksters have done and they have succeeded in MASSIVELY damaging BTC - - -

Next let’s see what they will do with Etherium once it takes over.

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Interesting. I personally think interest in bitcoin/crypto is still growing and the crash your referring too fits previous patterns in bitcoins 9 year history. Also I don’t think the banksters would go through all that trouble just to get a psychological edge over future adapters, they have much easier means. The crypto community is amazingly small compared to the media attention its receiving.

I love conspiracy theories.

Did you manage to finally get some ADA during that dip?

@CosmosX I love conspiracy theories too! Haha! And there was a time that I looked at Bitcoin with the same thoughts as @epowell, but now I have decided to view it all differently, I do not think the bankers would have pumped the coins to extreme prices cause that would give the competition more ammunition, take Charlie Lee for example, he now has a large amount of wealth to work with and put to use in his future development’s for the coin he developed.
But then it is possible that they had a big play in the current pricing, it is a conspiracy so it would be very difficult to uncover any truth to it.

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Sorry, part of the Conspiracy I forgot to mention is that the benefit the Banksters get/got from pumping was also in that they rapidly got large segments of the population interested in DIGITAL CURRENCY. Let’s face it, for the most part, all those new people who got into crypto in Nov/Dec 2017 would be hard-pressed to define the difference between DIGITAL CURRENCY and a DECENTRALIZED CRYPTOCURRENCY… mostly they just know that this is “computer money” and it is “going up in value like crazy” so “it’s cool” and “I want IN”.

BINGO the Cabal just got the public hooked on DIGITAL CURRENCY. Anyone remember what was happening with RIPPLE at the absolute PEAK of the altcoin bubble early January?

The Cabal’s plan is to get a centralized fake crypto coin to take over… this way the Banksters can again take charge of the Global Money System even when Digital Money truly takes over.

I personally think that anyone who finds these theories far fetch is really sleeping. It would probably not be so difficult to dig deep and research and find plenty of irrefutable evidence to support this theory (or something similar). I won’t do it cuz I don’t have time, but I guarantee you someone will before long.

I currently have a little bit of ADA which I managed to get in December at 35p (just what the price is right now).
But still I won’t buy now even at these prices > I stand by my prediction that in the coming months ADA will dip down below 20p, and that is when I will start buying. My guess is that it will remain below 20p for quite some months, and even dip below 10p for a bottom… thereafter slowly slowly go to the moon.

Oh I am sure that over the next couple years we will see some video’s pop up about corrupt dealing’s and who was involved in the crypto rush behind the scenes, and how it was pumped, but proving it will be harder to do.
The idea is not far fetched, banks absolutely have a need to sell digital currency as people begin to realize that fiat has no backing - crypto has given the banks an entry and the banks are slowly pitching it as the regulations are getting installed, they appear to be ready to start using blockchain technology and that can be seen by the adoption of crypto in the trade arena and also in the patent’s being filed, hopefully the adopted UI will be developed by our teams and give decentralized currency a strong grip on the future of currency.

I get excited when people talk about a dip below 10p, that would be awesome!!! (for me anyway)

Yes, that’s the point.

…and regarding ADA dipping… I find it very hard to imagine it not happening. I feel we are still MAJORLY in a MASSIVE bubble, and it is just taking a long long time to deflate, as it did in 2014 ( a full year to deflate ) …no body knows for sure, of course >>> but for me it’s all going to come down much much more, and stay there for a while before moving up again.