Contracts and Dynamic Token Creation

So I’ve noted that CLI allows for creating tokens, and that there will be a GUI for token creation as well, but I’m wondering if there will be a good way to create a token via smart contract. I am NOT trying to make the token AS a smart contract, but rather to have a contract which creates new tokens on demand. What I really need to make is a collection of tokens which can be expanded with particular parameters on demand. I need the tokens to operate as regular, fungible tokens. Otherwise I would just use a non-fungible token as in the case of Ethereum’s CryptoKitties and be done with it. Any insights or resources will be greatly appreciated.

I thought this might have been what I was looking for, and it IS useful, but still doesn’t seem to describe how NEW forging policies are implemented.

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The link sends to a 404 page. Do you know the new URL?

FYI, the Plutus Uniswap example creates and issues liquidity tokens dynamically. See the off-chain and on-chain source code as an example.