Cosmos Ecosystem


I have a question. Is Cardano part of the Cosmos ecosystem and if not, are there any plans to connect it?


Is this the wrong place to ask this question?

Not necessarily, but it seems noone here is interested in this Cosmos Ecosystem.

Too bad, I think it’s not a good idea to be an isolated L1 blockchain or build the bridge to every other blockchain by itself.

I don’t know if it makes sense to open exactly the same question in another category. It seems that this forum is low-traffic enough that most people at least scan all categories (except for muting languages they do not speak).

Could be more promising to elaborate what this “Cosmos Ecosystem“ is, why you think it’s worthwhile, how a connection could and should be made, …

Just reading a few minutes through A Beginner’s Guide to the Cosmos Ecosystem | ItsBlockchain (and trying to ignore the “finance guy trying to sell you the next best thing” tone), “Structurally, the network consists of interconnected blockchains running on the Tendermint Core – known as ‘zones’.” sounds a bit like it can only connect chains running on their algorithm.

? “where is the finance guy trying to sell you the next best thing” tone?
like “What is this cosmos ecosystem anyway” tone ?
I am asking, because I like cardano, and imo interoperability will be important in the future.

And why I am opening the same question in a different category? Because it looked like the wrong place, as all I got was. “what is this cosmos ecosystem anyway” tone

In the linked article? It sounds like a sales pitch. No comparison of advantages and disadvantages, no exploration of alternatives.

Maybe, there are better expositions. Maybe, you will find someone more enthusiastic.

I’m not important at all, just have a couple of Ada, being interested in the technology, but pretty offended by the whole crypto scene and its hype and therefore highly skeptical about nearly everything in this space.