Cracking Yoroi [firefox, windows 10]

Hi, I need to crack my spending password for my Yoroi wallet. I don’t think it will be impossible because I know the majority of the password. I found this python crack here Add Support for Cadano Yoroi Wallet + Example Algorand Util · 3rdIteration/btcrecover@4031ed8 · GitHub

However I’m having trouble finding the master_password argument it’s expecting.

There’s an .xpi file for Yoroi in $USER\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ri7f1l0s.default-release\extensions

It’s an archive that contains (what looks like) static assets and javascript files for the extension. I don’t see anything that obviously looks like data storage. Am I on the right track?

Spending password is not stored anywhere. It just becomes a part of an algorithm to decrypt/ encrypt your secret key.

Example: Let say your encryption algorithms is “x + y = z” (z is your secret key)
If x is your spending password, then what’s on your computer looks like " <user input> +y=z"

Entering spending password just completes the formula, doesn’t access any data storage to confirm if that is true.

Wrong password = wrong decryption , therefore no transactions are signed
Correct password = correct decryption, therefore transaction is signed and authorized.