Creating and managing thousands of wallets in daedalus?

We want to support cardano in our wallets system.
for that purpose we use the api to create wallets, which are created in daedalus.

the wallet Name we use is our internal wallet ID (not so important), and we support a single account for a user/wallet for now.

We keep the mnemonic secured in our system, and the corresponding daedalus wallet ID in our db, for later querying the api. (we still did not figured out how to derive a public address from the mnemonic offline)

my question, is that even the right approach? will cardano/daedalus be able to hold thousands (and more) wallets?

After reading this:
[](More than 27 wallet created … daedalus crashed)

I have some doubts.
Any thoughts please?

Yes, from what I know, this is basically how exchanges manage their assets too, or at least close to it.

If your clients don’t actually ever have direct access to wallets themselves, then you can also utilize the concept of “accounts”. Multiple accounts can be created inside a single wallet and managed thru API, minimizing the need of separate wallets, and from what I know, accounts are more lightweight. API allows to fully separate operations between accounts, so balances will never be mixed up.

I see that this issue is filed 4 months ago and never was actually reproduced, or even discussed further, leading me to believe that there could be another reason for the described problems.


If you actually plan to have thousands of users for this Cardano wallet system that you have, you might try to contact with IOHK in order to discuss a possibility of a tech. support from their side. I know they provide some for exchanges.

Please, try emailing Jane Wild at -


Sposibo Ruslan :slight_smile: we will make some stress tests to see if that works fine.

We are not in the exchange business (yet), our clients will have access to their wallets and I sure don’t want to mix private keys for different clients by sharing a wallet with different accounts. but I understand what you say, and how using accounts might be useful to others.

Bitcoin core initially used “accounts” concept but dropped that idea AFAIK.

In Btcoin core we do not use their wallets at all, and only using it for communication with the blockchain via RPC. our wallets are created internally in our system (mnemonics/master key/xpub/addresses, etc…)
Txs are signed internally and broadcasted to the blockchain.

I’m not sure if this concept is yet available for cardano. I am digging the net to find some resources.

I will try to contact with IOHK, hope they will be responsive.

I see that the issue is still open.
Can you please tell me how you conclude that issue what fixed 4 months ago?

Yes. I said it was filed (created) 4 months ago and discussion never continued, which leads me to believe that original poster has resolved the problem and there was some other cause to his failures. The reported problem never got reproduced.

Ahh, ok sorry. I read “fixed” :confused:
Thanks again.

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My bad also, sorry, I will better use words that don’t look like other words in the future :slight_smile: No problem at all! )

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