Creating Pool from official IOHK docker image

I’m studying docker to better manage the pool I want to create, I saw that IOHK has an official image: Docker Hub
But I want to know better how to proceed with this image to create the node and the producer, a guide to help me configure from this image, and that also says something about updates and etc. Is there any guide to help me with this ???


This should be more then enough:

To run docker you just need to execute one command, it is very straightforward. I do run official docker image in my testnet and mainnet.

Check out coincashew manual, BP and relays are same cardano-node only has different command arguments.

For an update you just need to use newest docker image.

Hello. I am trying to do this also. For me it is not so straightforward!

  1. I managed to run both docker containers Relay and BP (which is not yet BP, cuz no keys yet) but I had to configure second bridge network for both nodes to connect to each other and to connect to IOHK nodes, because in the default docker bridge network, the IPs are changing in the order of starting the containers so now each container have 2 IPs in 2 different docker networks. And they connect to each other and it is fine but the problem is that from time to time there is an error coming up…

[770115dc:cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Warning:248] [2022-02-09 12:21:09.68 UTC] IP ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError (MuxIOException Network.Socket.recvBuf: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)) “(recv errored)”))) 20s 20s

I am not sure if this error is somehow caused by this 2nd network configuration I had done.
Or is it smth else?
Anyone knows what this error means ?

I also have 1 more struggle and it is about configuring docker to run the IOHK image as a BP node with all the keys attached. It is not working for me - it is as if I didn’t show the node that there are keys to the run command, but I did and I am not sure what the problem is! This is the command I am running the container with:
sudo docker run --name cardanoBP -v cardano-node-ipc-BP:/ipc -v cardano-node-data-BP:/data -v /home/leblanc/host-opt-BP/cardano/data:/opt/cardano/data -v /home/leblanc/keys:/keys inputoutput/cardano-node run --config /data/testnet-config.json --topology /data/testnet-topology.json --shelley-kes-key ~/keys/kes.skey --shelley-vrf-key ~/keys/vrf.skey --shelley-operational-certificate ~/keys/node.cert --host-addr --port 6001

I’m running all my cardano nodes with docker host network, it will simplify couple of things.

You mean the default docker network? How do you set up the static IP addresses of the containers ?

no. Docker host network is not default docker network. I would recommend you to read a bit more about networking in docker, otherwise you will get into a lot of troubles.

I will do that thnks.

My advice is to build it yourself from scratch. You get to learn a lot in the process, and this is very helpful, especially when you encounter problems in the future. It’s really fun to create!