Critical Security needed for Charles Hoskinson & his key team

Hi guys,
Last night I watched AMA by Charles,

He described scammers & people using his identity to create fake profiles, death threats, emails from victims of scammers, suing Cardano etc.

Twitter and Youtube did not help when he contacted them to report the scammers. Why? Who owns Twitter, Youtube (Google), Facebook etc? Big tech companies. Who controls them? Billionaires and they have deep pockets with unlimited cash.

Charles said that threats were made to his family, even to his pets as well. Recently Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and her two dogs were kidnapped.

This means that some people are watching Charles. They are watching his movements in COL and possibly Africa, any place where he’s due to speak, etc.

Who are these people? A one-off domestic fanatic or worse? Any threat should be taken seriously.

Since Cardano will disrupt many industries, some sectors in banking & politics, will not be happy with ADA’s progress and achievements. There is much corruption in Africa, terrorists like Al-Shabaab (attacked Westgate shopping mall, Nairobi), organised crime can be hiring people to target key people in Cardano.

Africa: Some organisations have gone into Africa for decades. But have they been good for the people?

Vaccines in Africa: Bill G. effect. WHO’s DTP vaccine killed more children in Africa than the diseases it targeted. Please check Agenda 21, agenda 2030 depopulation plan. Getting into Africa and staying there will not be easy. Some `groups’ will not be happy…

Dr Mercola: Gates & Rockefeller foundations & entities witch hunt target Mercola for writing about Vitamin D (covid treatment). Read here,

Charles is the founder and main person in the news/media. Other key people may be under watch too. They may use an ADA person in the ranks (in a vulnerable position) to get into the main circle.

Please be careful. Many of us in the Cardano community believe in you, please take care of yourselves and each other.

I believe that Charles needs to change his security in a big way. He’s the Top Guy of Cardano, he’s no longer a little guy. Cardano can pack a powerful punch now!

These are some of my ideas, please pass them on to Charles.

  1. Relocation of his private residence (to undisclosed location),to use trusts and other parties to purchase the properties to avoid his name showing up in title deeds. People can search Land & property deeds info. (public records). Have more than one safe house. For key personnel as well.
  2. Removal trucks & any deliveries need to be secured, to avoid detection of the new place. Otherwise relocation would become a waste of time.
  3. Use different vehicles (again purchased or hired under different names). Pay by cash or other credit cards etc to avoid showing CH name or related persons.
  4. Change his route, locations from time to time, to avoid having a predictable behaviour or pattern to avoid kidnapping etc.
  5. His security team needs to monitor social media for `chatter’ - better to use AI to do this, monitor keywords. He said in his AMA that he’s hired a security person…Like POTUS has FBI to protect him, his security team needs to be on top of any risky situations.
  6. Charles mentioned AGI, maybe they could help with the AI part.
    Remember CBS TV show, “Person of Interest”? The Machine watched all cctv cameras to find the person(s) of interest.
  7. Emergency plans for various scenarios: Security Alerts - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, etc. What to do what something happens. They go into action straight away. Otherwise even minutes of indecision or confusion could have significant risks to himself, his family and his team.
  8. Jeff Berwick from The Dollar Vigilante, had his Youtube account deleted (because he used prohibited keywords like covid), censoring by YT fact checkers. Many activists had their accounts deleted as well. They’ve gone to other alternative sites like, Bitchute, DTube, Rumble, Brighteon, etc.
  9. Cardano and Charles may need to get off all social media platforms and set up his own channels or join the alternative channels in 6. above.
  10. A channel where people can report anything suspicious to Cardano. Charles’ security team to supervise this.

If you can think of anything else, please pass them on to Charles.
Please consider your own security as well.

God bless and Stay safe.


Well I don’t really know where to start so I’ll try it like this - Here are a few thoughts of mine:

You obviously are worried for his security. And you somehow try or want to help to make him stay secure.

That’s a noble thought of you. But I don’t think Charles will take action because of “some” forum post - if you know what I mean?

I feel Charles has enough knowledge and foresight to take care of himself and adjust various levels of his own security accordingly.

Cardano follows a highly scientifical process, being a peer reviewed technology.
I would urge you and everybody else to (as Charles likes to say) “do your own research” as to the other problems you spoke about.

I might be wrong - I’ll be completely honest with you - I haven’t looked into the agenda 2021 etc.
But just a quick search about one key person you talk about revealed that that he is apparently not following along well established scientific processes like peer reviews and publications.

So while what someone says might align with what you think/like doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.
That’s just not how science works.
Science works with evidence. And if there is none which is peer reviewed the chances of something being “true” are nothing more than a theory.

I believe it’s important to keep that in mind. Because that’s the base level of what we as humans have set to determine what is true and what is not.
One should always measure against that baseline.
If we as humanity lose that baseline - no discussion or consensus is possible.

Following claims which - in the worst case get ratified because of a title - can eat you up real quick.

If the problems you pointed out are well documented and proven - great!
I love to be proven wrong in the name of science.
But extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

In short - I’ll always try to keep an open mind.
But just not so open that my brain falls out. Always have a baseline to measure against and to determine the credibility and evidence.

Take care,

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for your thoughts and explaining the process. I appreciate it.
Yes I know that Cardano is a scientific peer reviewed platform.

However, bad guys don’t care about science, truth or rules.
They don’t follow rules like everybody else who is good or have a noble purpose or intention like Charles.

Did you watch his AMA that I shared above? It’s not long… first time I heard him swear. “F**k you!” he was talking directly to the people harassing him.

The people who have lost money to scammers felt really upset and blamed Cardano Fdn and Charles. They’ve sent him death threats. He said, “It’s not a laughing matter…”

I am worried that he is too trusting, Bad guys may be relying on his trusting nature.

Millionaires or members of their family get kidnapped. It has happened before. Sometimes all they want is money. Pay them and they will release the prisoner.
Celebrities can attract stalkers but what Charles described was different.

I do hope that this new security guy can help him to increase his personal security, including that of his family and home. In that video at 6:00 he mentioned death threats where people have sent him pictures of his home, pictures of his parents, his relatives, his animals (his pets?). His home address could be in the phone book or could be found by a Google search. Same for his parents or other relatives. Many people put personal information on social media like Facebook. Or it may be easy to find with some investigation of public/school records.

You asked for facts. There is still a lot of credible information on Youtube although they have deleted, censored many accounts belonging to activitists or people who dare to tell the truth. Google these: Agenda 21, Event 201 (pandemic simulation predicted 65mil people dead) backed by B Gates, Oct 2019, 3 months before coronavirus outbreak.

Anyway, please keep an open mind, be mindful of your safety and that of others.
Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

So, this caught my attention.

I don’t know who is the person you are refering too, what I know is that it must be either “mercola” or “bill gates”, I’m wondering, since I don’t even know who mercola is, if you are taking the word of bill gates.

I’ll leave here 2 points for you to consider:

  1. the good’ol billy boy is the one stating in the media that crypto is blowing out of proportion, and to the ones who can’t, I’m still trying to figure out who’s that, afford what some others can should be cautious. This relates directly to the actions of the paypal co-creator. Let me tell you something, the good’ol billy boy is ex-ceo of microsoft, do you know what microsoft did in 26-03-2020? Check yourself, WIPO patent WO 060606. So, next time billy boy says w/e he’s told to say, watch out!

  2. I’ve done my 5 min. research about the “peer-reviewed” topic, here’s the link of what I’ve found:


EDIT: Re-reading what you wrote I don’t understand in it’s entirity of who you are talking… Anyway!

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Thanks Joao,
I haven’t checked out the peer reviews myself and wouldn’t know where to find them.
I trust the Cardano team. They’ve been working on this for many years.

I’m not an engineer or developer, I can’t write code like python or solidity. I leave that to you guys & girls.

Yes. old Bill (and others like him, Jamie D.) may say that crypto is a scam, it’s overheated, not a store of value and then they file patents or start a coin of their own.

Charles is a well respected person in crypto. Just read some of the comments in his AMAs. We want ADA to succeed and be a legacy for generations to come. There are many unbanked people in Africa and it would be great to get things started there.

Charles ends his AMAs by paying off some micro-loans. That’s generous of him. For such a busy and important person, to take the time to do this shows his character.

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