Cross browser compatability

I routinely use Brave browser and the Cardanoroadmap site does not load. When I used straight Chrome browser, it looks awesome. Has a cross browser testing been done considering its importance and use?
My browser choice may be obscure, but its always a personal choice.
I literally have zero pictures load, looks abandoned with Brave.

Works for me, looks great! Trying reinstalling Brave?

Edit: sorry, missed that the image isn’t dynamic, also there’s a message “Gource coming soon to this device” that doesn’t appear in Edge, otherwise I think it looks ok, though I haven’t studied it carefully.

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Morning! :slight_smile:

Just tried Brave on my Mac and works ok… Safari and Chrome also fine…

I’m on a BIG connection through - the page and the code are pretty hefty so slower connections could possibly have issues.

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Thanks for trying it on your device. I am using a samsung Note 8. I will try a reinstall.