Yoroi on Brave browser

I have Yoroi installed on Chrome, just so easy.

I would like to install it on Brave, but not sure where to begin. I believe it may have been tested as working fine, and I wondered if anyone has tried it??!

Would be great to find out!

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You can if you run Brave Dev, but as of now, Yoroi is not official on Brave.

Personal note, why wallets developers deploy first on closed source software and cater to the status quo is sad; they have the power to influence and change the narrative but don’t.


ok, that is great information. I feel I recall listening to an Emurgo video, and they were announcing Yoroi, and stated that it worked on Brave. But I can understand it would be Brave Dev at this time.

I can understand why the team have worked on a Chrome extension. It will be great. I can’t wait to see people use it. I will keep my eye out for news on when it installs into Brave.

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