Yoroi wallet help

i want to know if yoroi wallet works perfectly fine with BRAVE browser. does yoroi wallet act exactly the same on BRAVE as on chrome ? is it completely safe to use BRAVE with yoroi wallet ?
can emurgo employee confirm it?

does EMURGO recommend BRAVE browser with yoroi wallet?

i need an offical reply from EMURGO employee.

Yoroi should work on any Chromium-based browser including Brave. We however do now guarantee that it works because we do not run our test suite on Brave nor do we do our QA using Brave. Although there is a low chance something doesn’t work, we can’t guarantee it so you have to use it at your own risk.

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ty for a clear answer! as we have no choice i will stick to chrome then.

In the spirit of crypto, perhaps Brave support will gain recognition in the crypto community. Would it be resource prohibitive to test Yoroi in Brave to officially support it?

great idea ! sebastien could you help us with the support of brave browser?

when will we get yoroi for firefox? i saw on emurgo website firefox extension download button but it said “soon”… can you give us some more info?

anybody cares here…!!! people who dont use GOOGLE SPYWARE want to get ledger suppport as well !!! dont you realize that Google tracks most of your activities like websites you visit, searches you made, videos you view, mails you send/receive, apps you install and places you visit. Google keeps track of all possible data…
you create crypto and still dont give us privacy oriented solutions…ridiculous !!!
when yoroi wallet extension for firefox??? (and dont tell us build it yourself, we’re not here to build anything, its your job devs !!!) investors put some money into this system, to keep it alive, that was our job !!!
can we get some info if firefox support will be possible this month ??? as far as we know you promised this feature in december 2018… (emurgo support says just SOON despite having been asked many times by us for firefox support…)

Is it such a security risk if you use Chrome for this and nothing else? OK it’s a hassle but it would let you use Yoroi while you’re waiting for the Firefox version (or Brave etc). Personally I find it very useful to use different browsers for different purposes.

Looks like Brave is now added as a tested Browser for Yoroi in 1.5 release.