Yoroi on Brave

Hey there

Can someone walk me through installing Yoroi on Brave?

Thank you!

Steps for installing are here, same for Brave - but note that Yoroi currently does not support shelley wallets yet. We’re expecting it to be available soon (possibly this week).

Ty @rdlrt!

Can you confirm that with Emurgo source?
Posted in Yoroi twitter:

Firefox Yoroi wallet users: we strongly suggest you instead download the Chrome/Brave version of Yoroi.

Last update to Yoroi Firefox took 3 months to be approved.

Yoroi Extension 3.0.0 is still in position 13 of 30 in queue after over a week, so don’t expect it to be faster.

Thank you!

I have installed the new version of yoroi in brave, when I try to access with my trezor and I get to the step that should export my public key, it asks me to connect my trezor, I connect it but it does nothing, I can’t get past that screen, it’s like If I didn’t recognize the trezor, but it is on. I have installed bridge, I have tried with windows and with ubuntu and nothing, I don’t know what happens. Does this happen to anyone?

I couldn’t send funds from my Yoroi’s Ledger Nano Wallet.
I used Adalite to send to Daedalus wallet to consolidate with other ADA and delegate.
Adalite was very easy to use. I’d never looked at it before.