Yoroi extension not syncing

I’m mainly a Daedalus guy but I use Yoroi sometimes. For a few days now it has failed to sync some wallets.

It’s version 3.4.0 of the Chrome extension running in Brave browser on Win10. There are three wallets, all standard Shelley. Over the past several days one of them has synced occasionally, the other two not at all (actually says “Never synced”). Mostly I give it a few minutes then give up and close the tab, yesterday I left it for a while, didn’t help. Previously, I had no problems, was able to divide my holdings into different wallets for staking to different pools a week or so ago. Everything looks fine in Daedalus since I restored the new wallet created in Yoroi.

Any ideas?

Hi Rob,

Do you happen to have the ITN yoroi extension installed on the same browser? I had a similar issue until I uninstalled the ITN Yoroi.

Another scenario that rings a bell somewhere, maybe try using the Chrome extension version, have a feeling someone else mentioned having an issue with the Brave browser.

Hey @Lgbeano

Brave does use the Chrome Extensions, so that shouldnt be the problem.

No, ditched the ITN version before this issue arose.

Yes, Brave is pretty much google chrome is how I understand it. I might be wrong, just think I saw someone mention it somewhere, so thought it worth a mention

I’ll try Chrome browser later today, see what happens…

Worth a try yeah.

Anyway maybe a fresh install would be worth a try aswell.

So it’s now working fine in Chrome, still not in Brave. Reinstalling in Brave would probably be worth trying but I might just stick with using Chrome, I do for some other things anyway.

Thanks guys! :grinning: