Moving Wallet from Yoroi Chrome to Firefox

Hello All;
I have been successfully using Yoroi wallet on macOS Chrome extension for some time together with my Ledger Nano X. Been working great! Just upgraded my Byron-era wallet to the Shelley-era wallet and that went good as well. So this all works. But it’s running on Chrome on my MacBook Pro and I want to run Yoroi on FireFox under macOS on my iMac. I installed the Yoroi extension in Firefox but have questions on migrating my wallet over.

Do I simply create a new hardware wallet in FireFox Yoroi on iMac? Will it see my keys and build my Shelley-era wallet? If so, can I then delete the wallets on Yoroi in my MacBook Pro and then delete the extension in Chrome? Then manage everything in FireFox, like staking, etc, moving forward?


You dont have to create or migrate any of your wallets.

Just simple connect your Ledger with Yoroi again and you will see all your funds.

But i wouldnt recommand you to use Yoroi with Firefox because they are often some bugs. Stay with Chrome or Brave.


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That’s exactly what happened to me with Yoroi wallet. I deleted it from Chrome extension and after checking it 6 months later with Ledger Nano my balance shows as 0. And it seems no one knows why it happened. I would be very careful and make sure you double check the address where you send your ADA funds. I transferred my ADA coins to the address I found in Yoroi wallet address book and Ledger Nano now doesn’t seem to recognise that address as my own.

Hello @Zyroxa and thanks for the response.

I’m following the Yoroi wallet on twitter and will keep up on developments before I do anything.

Let’s say, for instance, that it becomes as stable as the Chrome version. Are the steps I describe above correct?

Understood @Dr3dd . I had transferred my funds a while ago and had no issues. Sorry for your loss. I’ll definitely keep an out for issues.

No as i said you dont have to create a new wallet on Yoroi.

Simple plugin your Ledger and connect it on your new computer and you will have access to your funds.

The private keys are stored on your Ledger device and Yoroi is just an interface to manage them.

Yup. Understood.

Thanks! :blush::+1:t3::sparkles:

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