Crypto Colony Pool changes mission in order to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Hello world.

Today’s morning news probably hit you just the way they hit us. Our team maybe little more because we are based in Czech Republic which is very close to Ukraine, not only because of its location. My great-grandmother even come from Ukraine and to this day we have distant relatives in Zhytomyr.

That is why we have quite quickly decided to change the mission of Crypto Colony Pool for the duration of the Russian invasion and, instead of funding educational projects, to send part of our rewards to humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Everything will come purely from the pool operator’s rewards, nothing changes for the delegators. Our educational work will also run on a limited basis.

For this purpose, we chose the organization People in Need, which has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. We have already sent donation worth of 100 ADA to their newly established account today. Every following month, we take 20 % of the pool operator’s rewards and donate it to the said fund for Ukraine. We know it’s not much, especially from a low-saturated pool, but if we pay a shelter and food for just one family in need, it’s not in vain.

Stay strong Ukraine. :ukraine:

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