Cryptopia - prosperity in a doomers world

Hey folks,

finally I found the courage to register at the forums and get in touch with the community of the Cardano ecosystem. I hope for a great exchange!
From time to time I was thinking about utopian ideas for a future economy and the latest talks by Charles and lot of other cypherpunks/developers/thinkers made me think that it has to be possible.

At first I always dreaming to finish my graduation on the western hemisphere, gain my start capital to go to the country my dad originated from (third world country) and push businesses, education and establish a utopian network of communities, that are inter-connected and as self-sufficient as possible. This only scratches an inch of my initial thoughts, but my focus kind of switched…
As I followed the crypto scene for a while, I early read this dystopian reddit article, of the self-claimed bitcoin timetraveler, who painted a quite dark picture of a future relying on cryptocurrencies or bitcoin to be precice. In contrast, I tried to think of a more positive future as tech-savy hodler.

The actual plan consists of multiple stages and I am currently in stage 1:

  1. Technical exploration and knowledge gains
  • (Stake) node/pool operations - Infrastructure; Security; High-Availability; …
  • Preparation for Goguen era - get familiar with Plutus and Marlowe
  • further hands-on studies
  1. Capital gaining phase - ADA price > 1$ > moon
  • Go corporate - corperation will be the so called “hub” in stage 3
  • Taxation and compliance
  • further business necessities
  • finish life as wagecuck
  1. Base commodities and expanding commercial operations - transition from stage two not yet defined (stage three)
  • establish income streams in a selfserving community manner
    ** land, building, locations
    ** manufacturing and services - 3d printers, cnc, technical and building services, …
    ** food supply - e.g. indoor/outdoor farmbot operations of the staking company
    ** food processing - creating further products and services
    ** energy supply - try to find possible offgrid energy solutions for “offgrid” communities
    ** human network for necessary workforce within this “hub”
    ** education within the “hub”
    ** token as currency within the “hub”
    ** voting system within the “hub”
    ** … further dreamy ideas

The next phase would be the “fully automated capitalistic anarcho-communism” and world dominion of the interconnected cardano hubs :D. The whole idea is not even half-cooked, but maybe someone is interested in giving some critique or further input to this.