CryptoStake[dot]org reporting update of cardano blockchain

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I wonder if the CADARNO Blockchain system is beeing Updated or not ? since I have not received stake profit as daily basis as some days ago from Cryptostake(dot)org that informed CADARNO Blockchain system is beeing Updated as astached photo.

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The chain is working just fine and the hard fork upgrade occurred a while ago. I am not aware of the mentioned site, but if you search around the site is already been highlighted as a scam.


Just reading that note you screen shot raises my scam suspicion! I would stay clear and follow official content.


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Hello @nguyenanhhoang,

I edited the URL because we don’t want to link to their site. @Lgbeano and @rdlrt already said it: we were notified about cryptostake urging to invest for high-yield returns. Please conduct your due diligence as this is highly likely to be a scam.

Our recommendation is not to engage in any way. Stay safe and inform us of any suspicious activities.

Dear sir

Thank you for your instructions. I will inform you further information if I have any regarding Cryptostake org for a better ADA community.
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Dear sir,

Thank for your support. I would like provide you more information.

The Cryptostake(.)org still linked to Cardano sytem for sending stake profit as the attached information.

I will keep CADARNO informed if they have any strange activities. And hope that they keep doing right things and many many people in the world will not lost their fortune.

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Dear Sir,

Could you please suggest me a reasonable trusted website for Staking my ADA.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Hi Hoang,

You don’t need a website for staking. Websites for staking are most likely a scam.

You should just be staking from your wallet.

This is currently on testnet.

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Thanks for quick response.
I will move all my ADA stored in Binance to Carndno Wallet and stake in testnet

I have to use computer for Staking in Testnet.? I wonder if when Carnado will have staking app for mobile phone so there will be more convinient opttions for investors or holders of ADA

Thank you for your attention

Hi Hoang,

So staking is only on testnet at the moment, so you can’t move ada from binance to a wallet for staking.

You can move your ada to a wallet, but you wont be able to stake it yet. Only ada you owned on 29th Nov 2019 can be staked.

I can’t give a date for when staking will go to main net, but it will be this year.

Yoroi has a mobile wallet which you can stake from on testnet and main net when it happens. Yoroi is an official Cardano wallet created by EMURGO


Thank a lot for your reply @Lgbeano

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Hoàng ơi, I also was scammed by already, that is Ponzi scam model and they will close website when earn enough ADA from us. I also detected that scamming Vietnamese only, not an UK company, there are some Vietnam scam guys behinding this scam project, you cannot found any video or status sharing this project on Youtube or Facebook because they scammed Vietnamese on purpose preparing very careful.
The event in Thailand recently is only an acting.
Maybe you are lucky because you joined them early, but i am not.

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To be clear, there is a big difference in testnet and mainnet.
You cannot earn a “staking profit” today from staking ADA as it is not yet on mainnet. You can earn ADA from staking on the incentivised testnet yet that is not using real ADA… AND on the testnet you can only stake with a stake pool, no one else.

CryptoStake has their own special Staking program which is not the same as Staking ADA. Below is a screenshot from their website and its clear that ADA holders are being targeted.

Plus, their math is all wrong for how they calculate profit…

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I suppose they do not staking at all.
They just do Ponzi model to scam.

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yeah it could very well be a scam. Its definitely not Staking ADA on the Cardano blockchain.

At least we know and continue invest hold ADA and contribute a small part in making ADA reputed someday.
ADA is good crypto to hold I hope that I can have at least 1 Mil. And hope that many other will hold as much as possible and later staking with mainet

Hi sirs,

Could we buy ADA of the promotion from this site.

Thank you