Customer service asked me to pay 4% to withdraw my assets and now 8% for having received money from a third party in my account without their agreement

Good morning , Can you give some information , a while ago i wanted to withdraw my money from deadalus to put it on binance. the customer service asked me to pay 4% of my assets to be able to withdraw the money as i did not have all the funds my wife to send some of the money asking the customer service of deadalus if she could. today deadalus said that we had no right because I for my part did not report it and that it is considered money laundering. and asks me to pay an 8% penalty but I don’t have the funds yet. I ask for a delay but want me to pay in 5 days, or he donates my assets to charities. can you help me. THANKS
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It surely does not sound like you are talking to a legitimate customer service there!

IOHK has some support for Daedalus and other products available at, but nothing like a “Daedalus customer support”.

With Daedalus, you control your ADA on the blockchain. They are not in the custody of some company. You are not really a “customer”. And there is nobody who could decide to take a cut or donate them to charity.


I think I was robbed, I trusted someone. I think it’s not the real site of daedalus. I am new in this field I will see send the screenshot of the site where I am registered. www<dot>daedalus-trv<dot>top
I have no hope, if it’s a fake site or I can report it.

That is a scam site that has nothing to do with

Could be reported here:, but I don’t think they’ll help in getting already defrauded funds back.

Depending on how much it is, how long ago it was, and where you are, what could maybe help is your bank charging back transfers to them, a lawyer, or the police, but chances are generally quite slim. Don’t trust any online offers that promise to get funds back! 90% or more of them are just additional frauds.



Hi , this site belongs to you,
a person who works for you tells me to go through this site to recover my funds is this true?

Nope, it’s another scam site!

Please, be cautious! And try to learn to not trust everybody. As said:

That person also was a scammer.

Also: There is not really a “you” here. Cardano is not a company.

You fell for a scam that has nothing to do with “us”. Go to a lawyer or the police, but don’t raise your hopes too much.


Can you please check and confirm if this is also a scam website since this is clearly active and I transferred some funds from Binance to this one here…


Yes, that is very obviously a scam site. Sorry!

Is there any site that I can report it because this link is currently active and probably more people are getting scammed as well

Can’t promise that it brings much results, but IOG are the ones who have the “Daedalus” trademark and probably could do most about it.

I too was scammed by this site it was a young girl who sent me to this site I trusted her how did you find out about this site

Mate, you won’t believe the source…it was from someone on a dating app. Good thing is I didn’t get lured in to invest a lot, but rather tasted the water with a small amount and figured something was off.

These scammers are really leveling up these days!


They have put the logo of daedalus in their website now as well to make it seem more legit.

I have also reported this site to zendesk in the link provided above.

yes the same you have his photo to see if it is the same person? I’m a blonde

Do you have the person’s phone number? I can confirm if it’s the same number

I have to look send the number you have I’ll tell you, you still have contact with her

+61489902843 Is this the one? She removed her profile from the app so no photo, but it’s a blonde asian

with blue eyes?

you no longer communicate with her? I have a picture of her

I can’t remember exactly but can check the photo if you’ve got it.

It might potentially be a team of scammers so not necessarily the same person